Refilled and Refreshed

I want to introduce Kara Pinneo. Kara is one of the newest members to Changing Lanes and is one of the founders of our CL Women program launching in early next year. Kara joined our team last week at the AACC 2017 World Conference in Nashville and God met her on the trip. Enjoy Kara’s...
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During a recent quiet time, I was struck by a single sentence in my reading. In Psalms 11:1, it says “In the Lord I take refuge.” This one sentence caused me to stop and question the idea of refuge. I looked up the definition of refuge and it said refuge is “a place or state...
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Not by Sight

Do you know anyone who has hit rock bottom and has been completely changed? Ever wonder why they are so different? Are you desiring the change you see in their life, but don’t want to go through the pain they went through to experience the changed life? We all are seeking the best life possible....
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