Will shame stop exploitation?

Before kids and the busyness of life, I enjoyed watching Dateline. The stories caught my attention. But there was a specific set of episodes that haunted me. A week after my confession of my secrets, the first episode of Dateline’s To Catch a Predator aired in November 2004. I was intrigued and horrified. Men seeking...
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Free Indeed

I never knew that something that merely peaked my curiosity at the age of twelve, would turn into years of relentless shame and secrecy. Over the course of four years pornography had consumed more of my life than I ever intended to give it. I vividly remember one of my most desperate prayers to God...
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One Decision/One Choice

It came to one choice: Do I give up my marriage, my sons, my family, my job, my church, my friends and my reputation or do I give up on God? I had to choose one or the other. My life brought me to this point. The secrets I had accumulated from years of viewing...
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Refilled and Refreshed

I want to introduce Kara Pinneo. Kara is one of the newest members to Changing Lanes and is one of the founders of our CL Women program launching in early next year. Kara joined our team last week at the AACC 2017 World Conference in Nashville and God met her on the trip. Enjoy Kara’s...
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During a recent quiet time, I was struck by a single sentence in my reading. In Psalms 11:1, it says “In the Lord I take refuge.” This one sentence caused me to stop and question the idea of refuge. I looked up the definition of refuge and it said refuge is “a place or state...
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