It has been a long day of traveling: long meetings, delayed flights, gate changes and old airport food. As you are standing at the gate, wishing you could take your shoes off, put your feet up and just relax, a beautiful lady walks past the gate. Too tired to think how your wife would react, you track the bombshell with your eyes as she passes through the gate area. Reality of what you are doing hits you and you turn your gaze back to the people around you and notice you are not the only person to stare at the young lady. About 75% of the men in the area are doing the same thing.

The kids are finally tucked in bed. Your wife has decided to read a book in bed for awhile. Not ready to head to bed and curious how your team did tonight; you head to your home office and fire up the computer. The page with the write up of the game has an ad on the side of the page with a beautiful lady wearing nothing more than a swimsuit. Interest changes from the game to the incredible picture on the side of the screen. “The kids are asleep, wife is in bed and this picture takes me to the swimsuit edition of my favorite magazine. No one is going to mind if I check to see what other pictures are on her site.”

A co-worker and you have just completed your project after two weeks of long days together and even some late evenings. Work conversations started each day, but by the end of the day, frustrations with your spouse or kids would dominate the conversation. Your co-worker offered empathy and support for all the issues you are dealing with at home. Now that the project is complete, the co-worker asks if you would like to join them for a drink to celebrate.

Temptation is everywhere!

How often are you tempted when you get up in the morning?

How tempted are you when you are stressed and tired?

I have been asked by many people if I have overcome temptation. To be honest, no! Instead of overcoming the temptation, I am fleeing. Every time I have stuck around the temptation and rested on my strength, I failed.

Even if I think I can stay around the temptation and rest in God’s strength, I fail. He did not say to test His strength, but to flee.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20

Flee from sexual immorality.


1 Corinthians 10:14

Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.


2 Timothy 2

Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.


My travels have given me many opportunities to learn how to flee. A few years ago, I was traveling on a small turbo prop plane from San Francisco to Fresno after a long day of meetings. Sitting in the front row, the flight attendant struck up multiple conversations with me. An attractive lady in her mid 20’s, she was heading home to Fresno. In my conversations, I had no intention other than being polite, but her mannerisms and words were becoming flirtatious. But as the flight was about to land, a gentleman next to me says “I think she wants you to ask her out to dinner.” At this point reality hit me and I stopped all conversations. As soon as the plane landed, I grabbed my bag and was out of the airport before she had time to find me.

I could have justified lingering around the airport to talk with her and not appear rude. Is lingering around to not hurt someone’s feelings a better idea than fleeing a dangerous situation?


We can justify to ourselves the need to not hurt someone’s feelings. But if it is someone’s feelings compared to potentially ruining your life, flee!

Temptation will never leave. Temptations you have struggled with in the past will be around when you least expect them. Remember just one word when they do come, FLEE!

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