Get Back In

Due to server issues, this story is being resent from it’s original posting in January 2011.

Dribbling the ball up the court, he sees the defender closing in. He starts to prepare for the possible steal. Fear grips him and he dribbles the ball off his foot.

Standing near the basket, he keeps calling for the ball. His teammate has a wide open shot and decides to shoot.

Frustration has set in and he feels like he is unable to do anything right. His thoughts have turned from excitement to “My team doesn’t need me. I am no good.”

My oldest son(8 yrs old) is in his first season of basketball. During a recent scrimmage when nothing was going his way, he gave up and sat on the sidelines. His team was left to play 4 on 5. Even though he was convinced otherwise, his team needed him.

Being a dad who wants the best for his son, I ran over to him and lifted him up from the floor. He immediately started explaining he was no good and could not help his team. He believed the lie his mind was telling him. He believed he could never get better.

I wrapped my arms around him and getting close I whispered in his ear “You are more than what you believe. There will be things the other players may do better. There are things you can do better. You are taller than the other kids. Your team needs you. They need a tall kid to rebound. You can guard your man and keep him from getting the ball. You are a good player.”

After speaking to him, I let go of him. His sulking shoulders and frown were gone. His shoulders were now broad and determination was on his face.

A quick “Go get’em!” and he was running back on the court. A scrimmage where he walked up and down the court was now filled with energy and enthusiasm.


I believe it was because he was told he was valued and he had purpose. The words came from his father.

Do you ever find yourself giving up and wanting out of the game of life? Does it seem easier to give in to your desires than stay engaged to your spot on God’s team?

Your Father is whispering in your ear “You are special. You are desired. I want you on my team. I created you. You have a purpose.”

Do you hear him? He is there. If you can’t hear Him, go seek someone who can help you hear His voice. Get into His word. Stop, pray and listen.

If you haven’t done this before, or in a long time, you might not hear Him right away. But if you continue listening, you will hear His words of love and encouragement eventually. Then you can see He wants you back in the game.

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