A couple years ago, I was traveling from Denver to Aspen on a business trip.  Not familiar with the route to Aspen and traveling alone , I was offered the option to use a GPS unit during my trip.


Never having an oportunity to use a GPS unit during my previous travels, I decided to give the unit a try.


Isn’t it a guaranteed you won’t get lost device?


Early the next morning, I headed out on my trip. Starting near the Denver International Airport on the east side of town, my path took me on I-70 west through Denver and into the mountains.  The first 15 minutes of the trip through the city were uneventful as I managed my way through rush hour traffic. This trip was going to be a breeze.

As I am approaching the west side of Denver and leaving the rush hour traffic, my “little friend” speaks up. 

Take exit at Kipling Street 

OK?! This seemed a little odd. Maybe there was construction ahead and this was a detour. I took the Kipling exit as instructed by my virtual “friend”. As I approached the stop light at the end of the exit, my “high tech” navigator spoke up again……

Go straight ahead and merge onto I-70 west.

What?! This had to be a glitch with my unit. We should be fine from here to Aspen. A few minutes later……….

Take exit for Pleasant View Road.

Another exit? Are you sure? It has to be right, the GPS would not lead me astray. So I took the exit. As soon as I was commited and on the exit ramp……….

Merge onto I-70 west at next light.

Before following my “buddy’s” instructions to get back on I-70, I pulled over, unplugged the ”Great Deceiver” and pulled out the directions I printed before leaving home. 


The rest of the trip went as the directions indicated.





 Joshua 1:8 

 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Isn’t it amazing how we  will give up the trusted “map” for the latest thing to get us through life? Our “map”, the Bible has been trustworthy for thousands of years. Why do we think we can find a better way to make it through life? Do we really know something that our Creator does not know? When life continues to fail you and you are searching for something else to lead you to peace and comfort, why not try going back to the Truth?

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