“Let’s ride it again”

My daughter was begging for us to get out of line for the roller coaster. “Daddy, I don’t want to ride it! I’m scared.”
Just 15 minutes earlier, we entered the line for the kids’ roller coaster in the Toon Town area of Disneyland. The trip to Disneyland was a special father/daughter trip for her 5th birthday. Corbyn was excited about being inside Disneyland. The crowds were light and the weather was perfect. And after seeing Minnie and Mickey, everything was right in my daughter’s world…
Until we had to wait in line for the roller coaster.
The excitement of getting on the small roller coaster began to dwindle with each minute of waiting in line. Loud sounds and fast movement from the ride had my daughter’s attention. Seeing the increasing fear in her eyes, I reminded her the ride was safe and would be lots of fun. About four years earlier, my wife and I brought our two boys to Disneyland. They loved the ride. Unfortunately, telling her about the boy’s experience didn’t change her mind.
She doubted everything. “Daddy, let’s go walk through Donald’s house again, okay?” She was determined to find something less exciting to get away from the ride. Fear had finally consumed her.
The family in front of us stepped into the cars. We would be on the next set of cars. She was now crying and begging hysterically to not ride. I promised her the ride would be fun and to trust me. Trust was not in her plans at this time.
Our turn to ride the coaster arrived. The safety gates opened. She pushed against me to not get on. I lifted her up and gently promised her the ride would be fun and she would regret not riding the coaster. I buckled both of us and put my arm around her. Her screams quieted, but the fear remained.
The coaster started moving forward and up the small hill. I reminded her I was would hold her through the ride. Down the hill, through the turn and 30 seconds later, the ride was over. Unbuckling, I looked down at my daughter. Her eyes wet with tears, smile beaming from her face, said “Daddy, let’s ride it again!”
Fearing people is a dangerous trap,
but trusting the Lord means safety.
Proverbs 29:25 (NLT)
Do you ever find yourself determined to make a change and end up not following through with your plans?
How many times have you said “I will tell him/her about my problem?” Do you let your fear determine your actions?
My daughter was excited to ride the roller coaster, before we waited in line. Her fear grew and overtook her trust in her dad. She didn’t trust my experience and knowledge. My wisdom meant less to her than her fear.
Where do you find yourself letting your fear overtake trust in your spiritual Father? You are promised safety when you trust in Him. It’s okay to be scared. He knows you are scared.
Jesus has walked before each and every one of us. He knows your fear. He knows your desires.
Will you trust Him to lead you past your fears?


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