This past week, I was in Hawaii for a business trip. The beautiful, blue sky was filled with white, puffy clouds and a bright sun. The temperature was in the 80?s. Palm trees gently swayed from the light trade winds. The sound of the waves kept a calming rhythm. Plants and waterfalls scattered the lanscape. You could say I was in “paradise.”                                                                                          

But as I wandered the streets, I noticed things contradictory to a place of paradise. People were sleeping in parks.


Homeless1A lady worn from years in the sun, sat on a sidewalk giving passers by a smile, in hope of getting something in return. A man held a cardboard sign asking for alcohol. Women wore small amounts of clothes.  Men gaulked at the women and their choice of clothing.



Looking closer at the people, there was something else I noticed. The eyes of many seemed to be looking for something more… something to fill emptiness.

Is paradise to leave us feeling good, but still empty? Should we enjoy all of the beauty, but not feel completely fulfilled?

How can this really be “paradise?”

The “perfect” weather will not give contentment.

The beauty of a south Pacific sunset will not keep trouble from coming.  

As much as this appears to be paradise, there is more!

The beauty of all the creations God has provided does not give peace to someone seeking fulfillment.

Jesus created the beauty we find in paradise. He created you to enjoy paradise…through Him.

John 16:33 

 ”I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Do you want to hold on to “paradise” to fill your need? Or would you rather allow the creator of “paradise” to fill all your needs?

Are you willing to give Jesus all of you today?God in the sky

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