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Begins with One

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Begins With One will be available in the fall of 2018.

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It Begins With One

Brett Hendrix has been helping men with sexual addiction since 2007 when he began sharing his own story of recovery. Key to Brett’s ministry, Changing Lanes, is the loving reaction his small group had when he was vulnerable and confessed his struggles. The same values of transparency, love, and vulnerability carry over to his first book, Begins With One.

We Are Not Alone—We fear being alone in the aftermath of confessing our deepest struggles or that no one understands what we’re going through. But the truth Brett shares in Begins With One is that none of us are ever alone.
We Are Still Worth Loving—We’re not done. No matter what, God will never stop loving us. His loves is deeper than what we can find in any picture, video, massage parlor, or hotel room. Nothing else can provide the hope God is offering.
There Is Hope—Hope is something many of us want, but we are often afraid to reach for it because we’re scared it will leave us empty and prove false. But God’s truth is that He will redeem us; all we must do is surrender to Him. Begins With One shows how God offers hope and a future to all of us, no matter what we’ve done.

We can be the fathers, the husbands, and the followers of Christ that we desperately want to be. We can stand tall and without shame again—because of the restoring work of God. Many have already found a new life free of guilt and shame, but each of us has to start somewhere. But Restoration begins with just one person saying, “I can’t live this way any more” and turning to God.

A life is ready to be redeemed. God is ready to restore.

But are we ready to walk the restoration process out with them?
It Begins With One.

Lives Changed

“Changing lanes helped me look beyond the surface and discover the deeper roots, causes and wounds that lead to addiction. What I loved most were the relationships built, the accountability and openness shared with other men.” – J.B.

“It’s more than accountability. It’s directed ministry that uses the power of the group dynamic together with understanding leadership to produce something amazing.”
– J.L.

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