Quote from my wife

My wife, Christi, posted a comment through Facebook yesterday that I wanted to share with you. We do sometimes feel like we are abandoned when God is really protecting us. Hope you enjoy!

“Corbyn was playing out back while her Daddy worked on the yard. She came in with a very sad face and almost in tears. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “Daddy told me to go inside, I must not be his princess anymore!”
You see, her Daddy was getting ready to mow the area around the swing set. He sent her in to PROTECT HER. She didn’t understand his protection and thought he just didn’t want her outside with him. How often in life do we not understand that when God sends us somewhere or sends us away from somewhere or something, he is actually protecting us?”

“Later, Brett was working in the front yard, so Corbyn could go out and ride her scooter on the driveway. She ran in and said, “Daddy killed two spiders for me so I wouldn’t be afraid and I can be safe to ride my scooter!” God kills lots of “spiders” for us, doesn’t he?”

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