Teen Small Group Questions

Why does a teen need to come to Changing Lanes for Teens(CLT)?


If he is struggling with porn, sexual experiences or sexual identity, CLT will be here to help answer the questions and confusion. CLT will explain why he is feeling the way he feels and what God says about his struggles. He needs to know he is not dirty or rejected for what has happened. He needs to know Jesus loves him, no matter his actions.

What can a teen get from CLT?


CLT needs to be a safe place for anyone who comes to the group. Confidentiality will be key for all group members. The members need to believe they can be heard and not made to feel guilty for their thoughts and opinions. The truth of God will be presented in each group. Each group session will contain prayer and scripture relevant to the discussion for the week. Each week will be set up to allow the members to share their struggles from the previous week, learn new techniques in battling the addiction, develop new ways to grow deeper in a relationship with Jesus or introduce them to living a life in Christ. Hope will be a focus for each group.

How long will each group last?


Each group session will last approximately 1.5 hours, one time a week. There will be weeks scattered throughout the overall group time to celebrate the victories in the members lives. The overall length of the group will last 6 months to 1 year, depending on the growth and change of the members.