Changing Lanes is a ministry devoted to leading individuals and families from the devastating effect of sexual addiction. Our mission is to provide Biblically based support and restoration for people struggling with sexual sins.




In 2007, our founder shared his twenty-two year story of sexual addiction to offer hope. In 2010 we started providing Biblically based behavioral, emotional and spiritual pastoral counseling in small groups for men. A story of hope, has grown to a ministry helping men, teens, parents, families and churches find hope and restoration through the impact of a changed life.



Generation Impact

We work with youth leaders to equip teens in the battle of sexuality

Helping Churches

 We partner with churches to reduce the weight of sexual addiction for the staff.

Redefining Technology

We take the despair of the internet and use it for hope in small groups.

Equipping Families

Through panel discussions, training and consultations, we help parents offer freedom to their children.

Building Community

We use our small groups to help build accountability and reengage men into the role of leaders. 

Finding Identity

We reevaluate identities and celebrate hope found in an identity in Christ.

“CL takes accountability to another level because the leadership has been down those dark roads and has experienced redemption themselves. So it’s more than accountability; it’s directed ministry that uses the power of the group dynamic, together with understanding leadership, to produce something amazing.”


Brett Hendrix
Founder and Executive Director

Brett founded Changing Lanes after a 22 year battle with sexual addiction.He uses his experience to lead others to a place of restoration and a changed life. He is licensed minister, speaker, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC) and Executive Director of Changing Lanes Ministries. Brett and his wife Christi have been married for over 20 years and have three children.

Jerry Wright

As the founder of Men Living Up ministries, Jerry shares his insight and experience as a ministry program designer for men in today’s over-sexualized culture. As an author and on-air personality for Men Living Up Radio, Jerry brings a network of connections with other men’s ministry innovators to help Changing Lanes reach its full potential. As a former President & CEO of four major companies, Jerry’s business management experience and his training in organizational leadership provides mission and vision focus to help Changing Lanes reach a growing population of people who struggle with addiction. Jerry has been married to his wife for 40 years, has two daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Eric VandeBrake
Vice President

Eric has been a therapist for twenty years, He has witnessed countless times the devastating impact that addiction takes on one’s life, and on the lives of family members who feel powerless to fight it. In today’s culture, instant connection to the Internet has contributed to a large number of Christian husband and fathers to allow themselves to become trapped in the snare of sexual sin. Eric has known Brett for the past seventeen years, and uses his knowledge as a therapist to help guide the ministry.

Mark Musser

Mark Musser is the owner/operator of an Insurance agency in Bixby,OK since July of 2000. Mark is very open about is life long struggle with pornography and the chaos it has caused in his life. He has been in recovery since July of 2013 and completed the Changing Lane’s program December of 2016. Mark joined the board in January of 2017 due to his passion to stay connected to the program and continue the fight against pornography. Mark is currently pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and plans to become a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in addiction. Mark enjoys spending time with his teen aged son Kyle and volunteers at the Pathways organization several times a year.

Christi Hendrix
Board Member

Christi has spent over 10 years in education, family and social services and has worked for 8 years on staff for church children’s ministry. Her heart for helping families now extends into Changing Lanes, as she serves on the board with her first-hand understanding of how pornography affects spouses and the marriage relationship. Christi is grateful for the opportunity to support Brett and be an example of how a couple can survive a devastating challenge and find a greater joy through God’s grace and redemptive power.


Micah Magill
CL Men

Micah has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oral Roberts University and has been working in the field of Telecommunications and Ministry Support for over 20 years. Micah has been married for 18 years and has a son. He has been involved with Changing Lanes for over 4 years, first as a group member, and currently as a co-facilitator. From the early age of 8 or 9, Micah was exposed to pornography and understands the enslaving grip of addiction and lies that it leads to (as well as the devastating effects on loved ones). Micah has the desire to help other men find their freedom from sin and addiction and live as God created them to.

Mike Tedford
CL Men

Bio coming shortly

Terry Turner
CL Men
Brandon Cox
CL Men

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Kara Pinneo
CL Women

Kara has a degree in Psychology, and has been an intern in youth ministry. She has always had a desire and calling to be involved in ministry. Her own 7 year battle with pornography addiction has led her to see her calling in this ministry. She has a passion for women struggling in this addiction and has seen the shame it brings into one’s life. Kara has a passion for encouraging people, and loves to invest in the lives of others.

Jessica Brown
CL Women

Jessica moved to Tulsa from her hometown Bentonville, AR, after graduating in 2014 from Oral Roberts University. Her desire to serve in women’s ministry has led her to joining the Changing Lanes team. From her first exposure to pornography at the age of 12, to finding freedom and salvation in Christ at the age of 16, Jessica firmly believes that lifelong transformation is possible for women facing sexual addiction. With anticipation for what is ahead, she hopes that the growth of Changing Lanes brings hope to women who are lost, and a community to those who feel alone. Jessica currently works as a case manager at a women’s shelter, with plans to finish her M.A. in Counseling in 2017.