Today, I stopped at the end of my morning run to watch the waves on the beach. As I stood enjoying the ocean, I noticed how each wave was brought onto the beach, but had to be brought back to the sea. Each wave came and smoothed out the sand, but it did not stay. It went back to the ocean. The waves varied in size from small to large. Each rose onto the beach, but then all of them went back into the ocean.HPIM1648

 Have you ever thought about what you do in comparison to those waves? God calls you out to go forth, but yet when your work is done and you have gone as far as He allows you to go, He pulls you back into Him. Into His mighty ocean.

 You may say “I don’t feel like I do much. There are people greater than I who do more.”  Each wave is used to accomplish God’s will. If each of us were the big waves, there would be times when you look across the beach and see all of the imperfections waiting for the one big wave to smooth everything out. 


 … notice every single small wave that comes in between. They come across the beach to smooth out a large portion of the imperfections, keeping it pure and clean. Then when it is time, a large wave comes to clean the rest of the beach. Each one doing their job. Each one returning back to Him in the community of the ocean. 

 That is how we are… that is how we are as Christians.

HPIM1517We have the opportunity to be set forth from Him and go participate uniquely in what He wants us to do; knowing we get to go back to Him, enjoying our time with Him. 

 How amazing does this sound to you?

 How much can you enjoy what He has called you forth to do today?

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