What “Lane” are you in?

Stop for a minute and take a look at your life.
If your life was like a car driving down a highway, what lane would you be in?

Fast Lane –  

Are you stuck where you have to be going faster than everyone around you? Being at the top is your ultimate goal in life. The constant push of success is tiring and you’d like to get out of the rat race, but fear of being left behind keeps you in the fast lane. It may seem daunting to pull all the way over to the exit, or maybe all the cars in between you don’t even notice the exit lane due to all the cars between your lane and the exit.    You are a driven.

Center Lane –

Life on the highway is good to you. The  center lane leaves you content without the stress of being in the fast lane or  stuck in the slow lane. You like prestige, but don’t feel like you have to give up everything to do well in life. Everything in your life needs to be at peace, change is not something you find comforting. The exit is just a couple lanes over, but you would have to cross over the slower lanes to get to it.  Getting involved with the slower lane does not interest you. You are  steady.

Right “Slow” Lane –

People traveling in the right lane may admire those speedsters on the left, but are afraid of going too fast. You like the idea of going down the road without stopping, but there is some comfort of knowing you can exit “anytime you want”.  Then why don’t you?  Fear of getting off the road and not being with everyone else keeps you on the highway. Maybe you don’t have as much control as you thought. You are safety first.

HOV “Carpool” Lane –

The HOV lane offers an unimpeded lane on the highway. But one catch, you have to someone with you.  If you are in the HOV lane,  you don’t want to travel it alone.  Fear of navigating the highway by yourself scares you. Life is better when you are able to travel with someone else, but where is your faith based? You are a people-pleaser.

Exit Lane –

You get in the exit lane to get off the highway, changing your route to take a different road. Getting off the highway is acceptable to you and not knowing what might be ahead is worth the risk. You may not get to the same place as others, but you know that you may want a different destination.  The exit lane may lead you to a route that may get you to the same destination as others, but it will take longer and give you more opportunities to see where you are going. You are an explorer.


So what lane do you find yourself in? Ever thought about changing lanes and trying the exit lane? Are you ready to explore the possibilities God may have in store for you?

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