Changing Lanes is a place to find ways to take a different path. Life does not always take us the way we prefer. Sometimes we have to make the decision to change how we are living our lives. Changing Lanes will give you a place of community to help in changing. Whether it is through words of encouragement, scripture, links to accountability, confession or just finding you are not alone in the struggle, Changing Lanes will give you many options to assist in making the change.

Everything is to give God the glory. All posts, links, videos, audio, and my thoughts will be Christ-centered to glorify Him. He is the reason this site was created. He can provide the strength to change. Maybe you might even want to let Him help you navigate the traffic while changing lanes.


My name is Brett Hendrix. I am just a guy who has lived a life with lies for over 20+ years. Now that I have found freedom from hiding those lies, I want to share the opportunity of freedom with others.