Big – Part 1 of 3

Sunday morning went by without much fanfare. The kids were good and the sermon was okay, nothing memorable, you think. It’s hard to remember, all you could think about was the way your team pulled out a win in the fourth quarter the night before.  The sermon didn’t break your thoughts on how you were going to harass your co-workers on Monday. Just another day of relaxation before heading into a stressful week at work.

Monday arrives with a full day of meetings, mixed in with some trash talking about the game on Saturday, plus a little flirting with some “friends” on the internet. Just before lunch, your boss comes to you and asks why you did not handle the client in the manner he was expecting. He goes on to lecture you on how you need to go back to the client and change their fee schedule. Not sure how you are going to be able to justify an increased fee to your client, you stop and “pull God out of your pocket”  for a quick “help me” prayer.

After work you head home for a brief moment to see the wife and the kids before heading to the Monday Night Football party at Brad’s house. But tonight, as your wife thinks you are enjoying the game at Brad’s, you have made other plans. During the day Stacy managed to persuade you through texts to meet her at her place. Her husband was going to be gone for a few days and the opportunity to finally spend time together materialized. You finally have your chance to show her you can live up to all the seductive texts and phone calls. As you pull up to her house, you slip off your wedding ring and leave it in the car. The thought of spending an evening with someone other than your wife has your adrenaline flowing, seeing the ring while you are inside might give you second thoughts. “Lord, I know you will forgive me for what I am doing, but I want to have fun.” If you are able to cover your tracks well, this will be your little secret and God will not tell anyone.

 The evening was filled with passion and excitement, but as you are driving home, guilt has filled your thoughts. You can’t shake the guilt you feel and vow to never do it again. “God help me. I am a jerk and I should not have gone to Stacy’s house. I will not do it again. Just don’t let my wife find out.”

The next week goes by and your wife still thinks you were at Brad’s house on Monday. You even managed to stop flirting with Stacy in the texts for the rest of the week. But after another weekend with a large amount of family time, thoughts of Stacy fill your mind again. How great it would be to escape my life and enjoy someone who is “fun.”  “God will you give me another opportunity to live a life that is not boring, a life I deserve?”

 So how big is your god? Is he big enough to run to when you have trouble or want something? Is he able to fit in your pocket?

What if He was big enough to be called your Creator? What if He was big enough to be called King of Kings and Lord of Lords? What if He was big enough to be called your Savior? Would you believe it?

If you find God is able to fit in to your desires and only be heard when you want to hear Him, I encourage you to look deeper. Is there something in your life that is keeping you from wanting Him to be big? Is it worth not seeing Him as big? Stop for a moment and think about your life. What do you dwell on during your day? Where do you spend your money? Where are you emotionally? How much do you have to control?

What do you feel you have to hide? Would you be willing to give it all up for something more?

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