Changing Lanes is not just about addictions, it is also about community.  We will never find victory alone. God could do all the changing in our lives without using you and me, but He chose to work through us. How exciting to think that He wants to use you and me!

So how do we let God use us? We first need to make ourselves available and willing to be used.  This website is just one tool that can be used to make ourselves available. If you are struggling, please feel free to come here and seek help. If you need encouragement, please seek me and others to come walk beside you.  Is God blessing you or giving you victory, let others know so they can see that our wonderful Lord is not quiet.

Please feel free to comment on the stories or pages within the website. Your comments and thoughts might seem useless, but someone else might find hope from your comments.  In the next week or two, I hope to have a forum within the website to allow you the opportunity to share even more.

I pray that God will move through our community, nation and world. How can we minister to those around us if we are quiet or defeated because we are going through life alone? Let’s share and give our Lord the glory He deserves!

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