Down The Road

Heading down the highway, exhausted from hours on the road, you find yourself tired of the driving as you get further from home. You enjoyed getting involved with the pack of other people driving above the speed limit down the interstate. Merging with another road gave you more to see while you are heading down the road and the person in the sports car next to you was incredible. Getting another glimpse of her was all you could think about. Your mind wandered to what it would be like to be in the car with her, heading someplace that must be more exotic than your client meeting tomorrow.

How exciting would it be to just live the life with someone else for awhile?

No rules, no commitment, no expectations, just living by your own desire.

What is wrong with a little fun? The family would not know. They would still see you on Friday. 

 As the dreams of a wild adventure fill your every thought, you didn’t realize you were way over the speed limit; WAY over the limit. Flashing lights fill your rear view mirror and sirens bring an instant migraine. The officer approaches the car and asks you if you knew how fast you were going. So engulfed with the thoughts of the other car, you didn’t even think to look at your speed when the officer pulled up behind you. Fear entered your mind and hitting the break was the first reaction. To help fill you in, he lets you know that you were doing 90 mph in a 65mph.

He now asks for your proof of insurance. As you pull it out, you notice it expired last month. You remember back to the conversation with your wife about paying the bill. She had come into the room where you on the computer and almost caught you looking at porn again. You had managed to get the screen changed before she noticed what you were doing. She then went on to ask if you had paid the insurance premiums that were due. Still nervous about almost getting caught, you tell her “yes”, knowing it wasn’t true.

The officer brings you back to reality when he mentions your tag expiring 3 months ago. Shock hits you as you think back to the times of when you were going to go and get it renewed. You had planned to go on at least a couple occasions. But just down the street from the DMV was this incredible strip club you were introduced to by some clients last year. Since the first visit, you managed to go back a few times a month. Each time you planned to head to the DMV, you decided to take a stop by the club.

Why not, it is on the way.

It would be a great way to relax during the lunch hour. If you left early, you could still get to the DMV and then back to the office. Each time, you lost track of time at the club and missed going to the DMV.

Not a big deal, you could try again next week was the common excuse.

 Plus, this would give you a chance to see the ladies again.

Speeding, no current insurance, expired tag, the officer decides it would be in the best interest to have you come with him.

Fear fills every part of you.

How can you explain this to your wife?

What excuse can you use?

Would she believe any of them?

Could you really get her to believe another lie?

Is it time to come clean and tell her the truth? Will she forgive you? Will she see past your recklessness and find a way to love you beyond your sins?

To answer this question, there is only thing to do… admit your mistakes. If you fear being left alone, there is One who will not leave you. He will walk with you through the pain of confession. Do you want to put your trust in Him? Do you want to find a peace through the chaos of things that might be ahead? Do you want to sit and let Him lead you through the unknown?

 There are two choices before you, living the life of lies and lust, hoping it is enough for your life; or would you like to let go of the lies and find a life with more hope and peace than you have known before?

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