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  • CL Certified
    February 9, 2020 - February 14, 2021
    7:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We are making a few tweaks to make the training even better!

Join us when CL Certified starts its next group February 9th, 2020.



CL Certified is the Changing Lanes training program for anyone wanting to lead a CL group. CL Certified allows you to bring Changing Lanes to your community through an accelerated CL Leader training while learning leadership and counseling techniques that have provided hope to members of CL Groups for years. Every group is built around safety, accountability, authenticity, small group principles, Biblical truth, and pastoral counseling.

Community is a foundational part of all CL Groups. We believe relationships are a key component in providing freedom for anyone who has lived in isolation or shame with their addiction. Every Changing Lanes Group is structured to help the members obtain the tools to battle their addiction, find a new life in Christ, and live in community with others on the same journey. CL Certified is based on Changing Lanes four core values:




  • HOPE


    • Only 7% of pastors have resources to fight sexual addiction*

    • Each group includes a hybrid approach of pastoral counseling and small group principles

    • Changing Lanes’ strength is fostering safety within groups so members feel safe to answer hard questions and live out the challenges from leaders and other group members.

    • When all other options have failed and it feels there is no hope, Changing Lanes provides a place to find freedom, restoration and hope

    • Changing Lanes first belief is leading a person through heart transformation, not a process. The transformation will only come from Jesus Christ

    • Connect and develop relationship with other CL Certified members


  • Every CL Certified group meets weekly through Zoom video conferencing for twelve months

  • Each weekly meeting will last for 2 hours

  • Periodic 30-minute private consultation with Brett Hendrix

  • After ONLY sixteen weeks, the status of each Certified member will be reviewed

  • If approved, members may start the process of setting up CL groups in their community with the agreement to complete their CL Certified training

  • All new CL Groups  require two leaders who have found freedom and hope in their personal battle with sexual addiction

  • If you plan to attend CL Certified, bring a friend, colleague, or someone who has a passion to help others find freedom from sexual sin (Discounts are available for a 2nd CL Certified member)  REGISTRATION FEES WILL BE WAIVED FOR THIS GROUP

  • Relationships and connection are key to every CL group

  • Depth, safety and the open group discussion dynamic is why we believe long-term training is required to adequately prepare group leaders

  • Why one year of training? It takes time for lay leaders to understand group dynamics, to offer safety in their words, to show compassion, but also to know when to push a group member


  • We offer multiple options to join CL Certified.

  • All options require a non-refundable $35 background check.



    12 payments of $100 ($1,200 total)

    2 payments of $510 ($1,080 total)

    1 payment of $900  BEST VALUE


    Churches or counselors signing up multiple Certified members – 2nd member received 50% off

    Refer a friend – 25% off

*2016 Barna Report – The Porn Phenomenon


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