Why give?

Men and teens face a daily battle of purity. Wherever we look, we can find something tempting or alluring. Many have given in to the temptation. They believe there is no hope of escape from their struggle. Changing Lanes offers a safe place for men and teens to find hope and restoration.

Does my gift make a difference?

Generous donors like you make up over 70% of our budget. Without you, we would be unable to provide places of hope to those desperately in need.


PATHFINDERS is Changing Lanes monthly donor program. Depending on your donation, you will be a part of one of the donor levels:
TURN SIGNAL – Up to $99
LANE CHANGER – $100 to $499
NAVIGATOR – $500 to $999

Each level allows Changing Lanes to impact the lives of those struggling with sexual sin in a unique way.

Click on the tab of each level to see how your donation will impact lives.


Joining the PATHFINDERS monthly donor program as a TURN SIGNAL donor with any monthly donation up to $99.

TURN SIGNAL donors provide materials for counseling or other various recurring cost.


Joining the PATHFINDERS monthly donor program as a LANE CHANGER donor with any monthly donation $100 to $499.

LANE CHANGER donors provide a foundation for CL to continue ongoing group or intake meetings.


Joining the PATHFINDERS monthly donor program as a NAVIGATOR donor with any monthly donation $500 to $999.

NAVIGATOR donors help CL move further down the road. You will help us start new groups and special events.


Joining the PATHFINDERS monthly donor program as a TRAIL BLAZER donor with any monthly donation $1000+.

TRAIL BLAZER donorsl help move CL into new territory. You will help provide exposure for new speaking events, new group leaders or publishing opportunities.

TEXT to give

To initiate a gift from your phone to Changing Lanes, simply send a text message to clm@mogiv.com with the amount as the message.

For example, to contribute $20 to the Changing Lanes general fund, you would text:
“20” to clm@mogiv.com

It’s that simple! We’ll send you a confirmation text to make sure we got your request right. You will confirm on the Mogiv website the first time you give, then with subsequent contributions you simply text back a “Y” confirming your donation and a receipt will be emailed to you.

If sending a text message to an email address is new to you, don’t worry, it’s easy to do. We suggest creating a new “contact” in your phone with the unique giving address for each campaign you support.

To get started with online giving, simply…

  • designate where you gift will go

  • add a memo if needed (example: if you want to give to a specific function or person of Changing Lanes rather than just to our general fund)

  • select the dollar amount of your gift,

  • select whether you would like it to be a one-time or recurring gift,

  • enter your payment information,

  • click “Complete”

…and you’re done! No tech savvy or web expertise required!

Gifts can be made via Visa, MasterCard and Discover, or direct bank draft(ACH). PLEASE NOTE: ACH gifts incur a smaller fee than credit and debit cards, allowing more of your donation to go toward ministry.

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement by the end of January of the following year. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. You can also reach out directly to Mogiv (our trusted giving partner) directly for assistance:  support@mogiv.com
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