Help! What do I do now that Ashley Madison has been hacked?

To all of my fellow men who have found themselves exposed and lives devastated by the hacking of the Ashley Madison website, I’ve been in the same place of desiring a relationship outside of marriage. For me, in the days before Ashley Madison, I spent lots of time and money on a website trying to find other married people to meet.

I get it.

I get the desire to find someone to fill the void left from the hole in your marriage. I get the thrill of the unknown. I get the thought that sex with only one person will be boring.

I’ve lived it!

But life changed…

I was given a second chance at life and found a new life. This life has eclipsed everything I was trying to find in affair after affair.

It may be hard to see at this time, but the hack and exposure of your personal information to the world may be an opportunity for a new life. The sharing of your information and life with the world may not seem like an opportunity, but the exposure has opened a door for something better.

Before the hack, would you have been interested in a new life?

Each one of you has a decision to make:  

  1. Do you deny what has been released?
  2. Do you blame everything on the hackers?
  3. Do you blame the relationship with your spouse to justify your activity on the website?
  4. Or, do you own what has happened and choose to get help?

No matter what the mob is saying, there is hope. You are more than what you have done. You can have a new life. But the decision rests with you, are you willing to give up this life for something better?

If you said yes, I may be able to help. The path will not be easy, but it will allow you the opportunity to have so much more than you could ever expect.

My 22 years in sexual addiction brought me to the place of helping others. My experience led to the creation of Changing Lanes Ministries. Changing Lanes offers you a place to find hope, when you believe no hope is left.

We offer help for men and teens.

For the men, we offer small groups in the Tulsa area and also online.

For teens, we offer small groups in the Tulsa area.

New groups are starting and some existing groups have room for you to join.

Go to for more information about how we can help.

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