Making A Difference

Do you ever wonder if what you are doing makes a difference? This week I would like to tell you about three men who have made a difference in my life. Each one of these men has done nothing spectacular in what would be considered “news worthy”, but each has been obedient and made an impact for eternity. These three men have impacted my life and have played a large part of getting Changing Lanes launched. Let me introduce you to Dan, Ty and Dustin.


Dan was a member of a small group with me when I was lost in myself. One to never take no2-men-running for an answer, Dan holds a person accountable to what they promised. When I ballooned to 260 lbs, Dan encouraged me to run with him at 5:30AM. Knowing I was in need of some accountability, I took him up on his offer. During our morning runs, we would discuss different things. One of the things that came from the runs was scripture memory. We would challenge each other to memorize verses. Still caught in my addiction, I had little desire or will power to memorize verses that went against my sinful desires. My favorite excuse “I am not good at memorizing things” did not go well with Dan. He would not let me get by with the excuse for not memorizing the verses. Not realizing what God was planning for my life, the verses were a stepping stone to greater things.


Dan was at my house the night I confessed my addiction to pornography and adultery. He was disappointed with the news I shared, but never showed any wavering in his desire to forgive. He held me accountable to make sure I found help in turning from the addiction, questioning everything and encouraged me to seek God.  Dan moved out of town about 2 years after my confession, but he is still considered a dear friend and a brother in Christ


Ty entered my life just before Dan was exiting. Our friendship started out from early morning basketball and grew to starting a small group together. Ty knew my desire to spread my wings and lead this new group (I use to be the shy servicesproffperson in a room), so Ty offered his support to get the group launched. Many a weeks it would be just the two of us. Eventually the group added a couple more members and continues on today. 

If you ever want someone who is tuned in to hearing God’s prompting, Ty would be the person to turn to. He offered encouragement when I was tossing around the idea to speak about my addiction to groups and start a ministry. Days when I would be fearful of stepping out, there would be Ty encouraging me to push on. The amazing part, he usually did not know I was struggling. There have been times when I needed prayer and I would receive a call from Ty telling me he was prompted to pray. Obedience is a virtue and something God asks from each of us. Ty’s display of being obedient has been a blessing to my life and I thank him for seeking God each day.



Dustin has been a roommate, a neighbor and a friend for the last 15 years. If anyone should have been upset about me hiding my sin from them more than my wife, it should be Dustin. It was not until Christi and I had been in counseling for awhile that I shared my past sins with Dustin. Just like with Dan, I was not condemned. God has shown me great favor in other’s forgivness. supportshot001

Shortly after I shared my past with Dustin, he joined the small group with Ty. Through the group we have found new ways to challenge each other and grow deeper in our walk with the Lord. Dustin has been with me on the days I have shared my dark past and when I have launched this ministry. He continually gives me encouragement, Godly rebukes and friendly suggestions. Dustin has played a vital role in setting up Changing Lanes. Since the launch of the site, Dustin has also graciously helped edit each of my posts to compensate for my lacking grammar  skills. 

Dan, Ty and Dustin each have poured more into my life than they may ever know. There desire to allow God to lead their life is reaching out to all of you. I pray that you and each of them will be blessed from God’s grace and faithfulness in my life. Thank you guys! May God bless you abundantly today and all your days to come.

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