Out of Control

It is rush hour, cars everywhere. On a normal drive, it would take you 10 minutes to get to work. But today, you were held up and you only have 5 minutes to get to work. 

Fearful of what will be said if you arrive late, you decide to drive faster. The  car in front of you is going the speed limit, but you are not. The lane next to you looks open. You quickly switch lanes without turning on your signal and looking behind you. Unaware of your surrounding, you miss a car in your blind spot by inches. To avoid being hit, the driver of the other car has to slam on her brakes. The car behind them sees what happens but by the time he can slam on his brakes, it is too late. A multi-car accident is now behind you. 


Unaware, you race on to work not realizing the lives you just changed.

Sounds reckless, doesn’t it? Is it any more reckless than disregarding everything around you to view pornography? Or talk to a co-worker of the opposite sex about things that only your spouse should hear? Or arranging a meeting to continue the affair?

Even though you may think your actions only effect you, they have effects you may not see…..

  • When your spouse catches you viewing pornography, they lose all trust in you.
  • Your child loses time with you because you now live in a different place.
  • Your child devalues people of their opposite sex. They want to be like you and and pick up cues from you.
  • Co-workers feel they can not trust you. They know you are married, but see you flirting with others.
  • Employers fire you for viewing inappropriate material on their computers.
  • You start chatting with someone online and it ends up being a officer posing as an underage teen.

When we are caught worrying about what we need or how we can meet our own needs, others get neglected.

Romans 2:8-9 
But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil

Our focus has become narrowed.  Others become forgotten and real consequences await. 

Their is a reason God wants us to turn to Him. Not only does He desire you, He desires to use you. But He will not force you to be used. It is up to you.

Do you want to give up the alone time on the computer? Time looking at sites you are ashamed to discuss with others? Do you want to share your struggles with a Godly person, instead of hiding them in a bowl of ice cream? Do you want to spend extra time at the office so you don’t have to spend it with the wife and kids?


God will restore you. But you have to be willing. You can not continue to hide your past and expect everything to work out on it’s own.  There is so much more. It may be hard to see, but God only wants you. He will guide, restore and use you. But it all comes to you. Are you willing to let Him lead you? Do you trust Him? He knows where He is taking you.  He does not have blind spots blocking His view.


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