Refuge in the Storm

They are beaten up and tired of losing. They are ready to give up.


During a recent quiet time, I was struck by a single sentence in my reading. In Psalms 11:1, it says “In the Lord I take refuge.” This one sentence caused me to stop and question the idea of refuge.

I looked up the definition of refuge and it said refuge is “a place or state of safety from danger or trouble.”

Day after day, I talk to men who are struggling to keep their job. Many are fighting to keep their marriage from falling apart. But most are fighting with the idea of living a life free from porn or sexual addiction.

All of the men are tired. They talk about how they are exhausted from fighting to stay pure and keep away from porn, massage parlors, strip club or inappropriate relationships. The common theme from the men was the desire to fight and use their strength to win the war again sexual desires. Every man was losing the battle.

The battle for purity has brought the men to a place where there is nothing left of their mental, emotional or physical strength to give to their wife, kids, job, friends or church.

They are beaten up and tired of losing. They are ready to give up.

Are YOU beaten, tired and ready to give up?


“In the Lord I take refuge” 



What if you were never meant to fight the battle? What if Jesus said for us to rest and allow him to fight for you?

Jesus allows you the safety to stop fighting the battle you were never meant to fight.

Porn, adultery, illicit thoughts, and any other type of sexual sin; we are told to run away from them. And not only run, but flee (1 Corinthians 6:18)! You and I are not equipped to fight this battle.

But there is one who is equip, God.

He is ready to fight for your marriage. He is ready to fight for your restoration.

He is ready to fight for YOU!

There is only one question, will you take refuge in Jesus, rest and let hime fight?

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