Scared to change

What has kept you from changing? Is the desire to be different the one thing you long to change?

Each one of us is in a constant state of change, whether we want to change or not. Our thoughts may change. Our desires may change. Our taste buds may change. Our physical appearance may change.

But with all this change, do you feel like you are unable to change the desires of your heart? Is the one thing you desire “to change the most” actually the one thing that doesn’t seem to change?

Do you get frustrated when all of your cries for help go unanswered? Do you seem to feel that if God is not able to hear your cries then no one else will hear them? Are you afraid they turn their back on you and your pain?

Does the thought of sharing your darkest secrets scare you and make you think that the changes in your life will change too much? Change beyond something you desire into something that will hurt you?

A few years ago, I had a guy tell me that he would never seek change from a struggle with pornography. His wife told him that she would leave him if she ever found out he viewed porn. He was scared the change would be more than he felt safe changing.

However, there is only one thing we cannot change. God is unchangeable. He is the same today as he was in the past. He is the same today as he will be in the future. He will never change. He is the rock.

When you are seeking change, He should be the one thing you hold on to. His promises of giving you a hope and a future has not changed. His promise that you find him, when you seek him with all of your heart are still true (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

No matter how much change may come into your life, He is always with you. He is omnipresent. He was with you when you struggled. He will be with you when you seek Him. He will be there as you are restored.

Will you let Him change your life? Will you let go and let Him be the Rock that will save you from the life you feel can never change?



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