Watch Out!

 Let your eyes look straight ahead,
       fix your gaze directly before you.

 26 Make level paths for your feet
       and take only ways that are firm.

 27 Do not swerve to the right or the left;
       keep your foot from evil.

Proverbs 4:25-27

You might be saying, “OK Brett, isn’t it common sense to look ahead when you walk?” It is common sense, but have you applied Proverbs 4 to how you handle your day?

I had a discussion with a guy about exhaustion where he mentioned how tough things have been in his life. Long hours and many commitments made life difficult for him at work and at home. He loves the Lord and loves His family. But things that previously did not tempt him  now invaded his thought  life.

The distractions of life took him out of daily trust and communication with Christ. He was looking left and right, instead of looking ahead.

Work, family, kid’s activities, church, community activities, sports, friends, travel, politics, internet, social networking sites, movies, TV and texting are a few items vying for our attention.  One or all of them can be a distraction.

How do you view them? Do you see a distraction or do you see it as a normal part of life? 

Do you put any of these  items before a daily relationship with Christ? Does Christ or something else get your best and first of the day?

Is it easier to walk on a path, where you can see what is ahead, or to watch everything around you?

Instead of stumbling on something in your life, why not move your eyes in front of you and let Him lead you down the path?

Take a personal challenge to give 15 minutes of your morning to Christ. Just time for you and Him. It may be getting up early before the chaos of the day begins. It may be after sending the children to school. Maybe it is shutting the door to your office and giving up the 15 minutes before you read the first email of the day.

If you take the challenge, let me know what happens. You may not notice a change immediately, most likely this will be true. But if you continue, in a short time you will see Christ leading you down the path. 

He is already on the path, can you see Him?

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